Viewing student progress from the Student Profile

Student prodile> Summative tracking> Progress over time

The Student Progress: Longitudinal analysis page displays a chart containing progress data points for all assessments the student is assigned onto for the specified time-frame. 

The chart presents progress grades against a monthly breakdown. The display of this information may be adjusted as required through the below steps.

1) Click on the filters at the top of the page to apply a particular time-frame and specific settings

2) At the top of the chart, a set of tabs representing each assessment are displayed. 

By default, the Overall tab is selected and therefore all data points displayed are corresponding to the average of all assessments. When selecting another tab, colour-coded data points are related to the particular subject. 

3) When hovering your mouse onto a particular data point, a tool tip is displayed with a breakdown of the corresponding grades

4) At the end of the page, two tick-boxes are available to highlight the range of points which are above or below the average assessment target.

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