Seeing a log of sent emails, colour coding and sending follow-up communications

Go to School > Communications > All school communications > Email

The 'Email' section under 'School comms' will list all individual emails the school has sent for the current academic year. It will not merge emails that were created from the same template at the same time.

Click a message to display whether it has sent or failed to send.



To view merged emails, go to School > Communications > Emails > Sent emails.



More information can be viewed by selecting one of the emails. This will display the email, a full list of its recipients and whether each email has sent or failed.



Send a follow-up email, SMS or in-app message to recipients of your email by selecting the tick boxes next to the people you want to follow up with, and clicking the blue pencil icon. This will open a new Mail Merge with the people you've selected in the To field.



What does the colour coding mean?

  • Dark greenDelivered to the recipient's email server
  • Light green - We’ve sent the email but haven’t received confirmation of delivery, or confirmation of failure yet
  • Orange - The email address is valid and we’ve tried to send a message to it, but it has failed for an unknown reason (such as high spam filters)
  • Red - Fail. There is a problem with the email address so we haven’t been able to send the message at all (e.g. there is no email address)
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