Parent Portal Settings

Using the 'Parents and Guardians' menu, you can update the settings to enable or prevent guardians from accessing certain data. The settings menu will also allow you to switch on or off the portal. 

It's recommended to update the settings first before enabling the portal under the 'Security and Privacy' section.

Go to Students > Parents and guardians > Parent portal Settings.



Automatic/Manual Acceptance of Student Record changes

Using the settings, you can toggle whether parents can edit basic details about themselves and their children. Remember, that it is only Primary Guardians that will have access to the Parent Portal.

If you do not want Arbor to auto-accept changes without any administration checks or approval from the school, then make sure it is set to 'No, do not auto-accept student record changes'.



If you select 'No, do not auto-accept student record changes', then you will be able to accept or decline requests to change said information in the Data Quality Dashboard.

In the Data Quality Dashboard, look to the last option in the left-hand menu to see the list of pending changes to student details. You will be able to accept or reject changes by clicking anywhere on the pending change line like shown in this video:



Enabling access to Parent Portal

When you are ready, head to the 'Security and Privacy' section to click on the 'Parent login' option and change the red cross to a green tick by selecting 'Yes' to 'Allow parents to log in'.



Toggling different Point Award scales

You may have been wondering about a great little feature we've just added to your Arbor MIS and Parent Portal. 

If your school uses Parent Portal, you can now choose whether each of your Behaviour point Award Scales is displayed to parents - great if you want to share your positive scale but not your negative one!

To toggle these settings, go to Students > Parents and guardians > Parent portal Settings and click into each scale in the Behaviour section.

Change the field to Yes, show point scale and click Save Changes. 

The scale will then be displayed on the Parent Portal. You can also toggle whether to include the comments and who the points were awarded by.

The points will then be displayed on the Parent Portal.

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