How to check a user's permissions

You can view a user's permission by going to the Users Listing page by following School > Users & Security

Selecting the 'User List' from the left-hand menu provides a list of all users created on Arbor.

A table is displayed with the names, type of user they are (e.g. student/guardian/teacher), their username and the last time they logged onto Arbor.



The contents of the table may be quickly sorted in alphabetical order by clicking on the table headers to sort. (By hovering the mouse cursor over the header a sorting icon will appear on the right-hand side of the header.)

To manage a user's account, click on the user and further information is displayed in a slide-over.


Clicking on 'User Overview' allows you to see their user profile, permissions, business roles and logins over the past 30 days.

From here you can add a new Business Role, just click on '+Add' and select the role along with a start and end date if required (the end date can be left blank if the role is permanent). 

To finalise this change, click on the green Assign Business Role button.

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