What else can I access from the Staff Profile?

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In Calendar the staff members lessons, meetings and events can be viewed. By default the calendar shows the current month. This view can be updated by following the below steps.

To change the month, click on the arrow next to the current month at the top of the calendar or click on the arrows on the left of the calendar.

To change the view from Month click on Day or 5 Days.

To add a Calendar Event click on the day and update the slide over accordingly. 

To invite another staff member to the same event choose their name in participants from the slide over.




Here you can view all communications sent to and by the member of staff. You can also send and log additional communications from here.




In Absences a list of absences the staff has had in the current academic year will be displayed, along with the dates. 


When clicking on a specific absent note a slide over will display basic information about the absence. Clicking on "More Information" from the slide over will display the specific absent overview.


To add an absence on the staff profile click 'Record New Absence', update accordingly and click on "Create Staff Absence".



This is where roles and permissions can be accessed and amended



In the Teaching page, within the staff profile, a list of classes and lessons that are linked to the staff member will show.

When clicking on one of the classes/lessons a slide over will display with basic details of the classes. This will also link to the Timetable Module.




In the Students Page within a staff profile, only students linked to the specific staff will show.


For students to be linked to a staff member they need to be in the teacher's Year group, Reg form, House or Lesson.


When clicking on a student a slide over will display with basic student details. To go on the student's profile just click on the student's name from the slide over.




The Meals Section in the staff profile allows the school to update/add the staff's dietary requirements and meal provision.


To add a Dietary requirement click on the +Add sign and choose "Add Dietary Requirement". A slide over will then display where the dietary requirement and medical condition can be added.


To add Lunch Details click on the +Add sign and choose "Add Lunch Details". A slide over will then display where the meal details can be added.

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