Attainment on the Arbor Dashboard

The Attainment section of the Dashboard displays three KPIs which provide an overview of currently enrolled students' progress at present. The figures show a percentage statistic for students who are overall at their target, below or above their target.

Further data analytics information may be achieved by clicking on the appropriate KPI that needs reviewing in more detail. Once clicked, a side panel is displayed and lists different student groups and demographics, and presents the respective percentage statistic for the selected KPI.

The defaulted list of student groups may be filtered by clicking on "All Student Groups" link and selecting as appropriate.

An alternative way of reviewing progress data for the selected KPI is to select whether to review data by groups or students. The top-right tabs allow users to switch views and analyse statistics corresponding to individual students. 

Each data statistic that is returned when working on the Dashboard KPI or when filtering through the side panel, further information is presented through a tool-tip window when hovering your mouse onto the particular data cell.

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