Parent Portal- Dashboard

The Parent Portal gives guardians access to their student's profile and academic details. The portal also allows both the school and guardian to communicate more effectively. The Dashboard has multiple sections, each one displays different areas of the students profile. 

1) Students
This section shows the student's name and current form, you are also able to access 'Quick Actions' and 'View Student Profile' from this section.


When more than one sibling is currently attending the School, select the student from the drop-down menu within the Students section.


2) Guardians
Underneath the Students section, all guardians linked to the student are listed, further information is found by clicking on a guardian's name.


3) Notices
This section contains a list of missing information (including consents) on the student's profile. To update this information, click on one of the orange notices.


4) Calendar
In the Calendar section, the student's previous and next events are presented as well as a full day's agenda. To review further information on a class, you may click on the appropriate event.


Any report cards that the School has created can be viewed by clicking on "Download Student Report" button below the calendar.


5) Statistics
The Statistics section shows information about the student's attendance, behaviour and progress statistics for the current term. Select the relevant tile for further information.


6) Guardian Consultations 
This section allows guardians to book time for Parents Evening meetings by selecting one of the available time-frames as per the School's setup.

In the case where no Parents Evening has been arranged, the section will state the below: 


If a Consultation event has been created but the self-scheduling has not yet been enabled by the School, the dates of the parents evening will be shown with a note of when self-scheduling is available.

When self-scheduling is available, an orange notice appears within this same section and states that "Self Scheduling is open. Please click above to book time-slots". Once selected, you can choose the preferred time for a meeting with the school.

7) Accounts
This section loads the student's current Meals balance at the school. Should the amount display a balance in red, the account would be in debit whilst if the amount shows in black, the account would be in credit. 


By clicking on an account balance that is in debit, you may proceed to the payment page within the portal to submit payment. 


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