Making a payment for Meals on the Parent Portal

To make a payment for a student's meals, start from the dashboard in Parent Portal.

If you have more than one student that you need to make payments for, you can access each profile by selecting the student's name from the drop-down menu on the dashboard as seen below:



On the Dashboard, you'll see a table called Accounts. The table shows the payments made to the school for the current term. Select the highlighted row labelled 'Meals' to get to the Meal balance page.



Alternatively, you can access the Meals balance page by selecting Student Profile > Accounts > Meals.

Once on the Meals balance page, you can select a specific Term using the Term drop-down menu at the top-right of the page.



Above the table, the credit/debit amount of the student account will show. The debit amount will show in red the credit amount will show in green:


Clicking on a Payment Cell will load a slide over with details of the lunches taken that day.


To make a Card Payment follow the below steps:

1) Click on the Top up account button.


2) A slide over will load, where you can select the bill payer, card information and payment amount. Please note the minimum payment amount is £1.



Click on Pay Now and he meals balance will be updated to reflect the top-up. 


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