Importing an ATF (Applicant Transfer File)

To Import an ATF into Arbor go to School > Data > Import > ATF Import. Click on the +Add in the top right-hand corner.



In the slide over, click Browse to select the ATF file from your computer, then click on the green Upload ATF button.



The Overview page for the uploaded ATF will load. Students within the ATF will have a red x, meaning that the applicants have not yet been fully imported.



You must now choose to create new student profiles for the imported students, or merge the new information with an existing student profile.

Click into each student to check there isn't already a student in your system that you can import the ATF information into. This will prevent duplicate student profiles from being created. If there is, select the student, then click Import applicant.

If both the original student and the importing student have the same UPN, they will be automatically matched.



If there is no existing student to match them to, you can either leave the Update student field blank and click Import applicant, or you can import the applicants in bulk.



To import the students in bulk, click the Import All Students button.



Select the intake season to import them into, then confirm the import.




You'll receive a notification in the top right of your screen to let you know when the import has been completed.



If you refresh your page, you'll see all the students have been imported and new students have been created where needed.



These students will now appear on the Applicants Dashboard. 


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