Importing an ATF (Applicant Transfer File)

An Applicant Transfer File Common Transfer File (ATF) is a standard format for sending student data to schools, often used when a student begins at a new school. 

Step 1 - Import your file

To Import an ATF into Arbor go to School > Data > Import > ATF Import. Click on the +Add in the top right-hand corner.



In the slide over, click Browse to select the ATF file from your computer, then click on the green Upload ATF button.

Don't worry that your file has 'fakepath' in its name. This is a completely safe file and this naming convention is used to protect the identity of the computer it was uploaded from.

When you click Upload ATF, You will then be taken to the Import Overview (Shown in the section below).


Step 2 - Check the import

Once you import your file you'll see the names have a red x, meaning that the applicants have not yet been fully imported.



If you click on a student, you can specify an intake season if this will be different to the rest of the other students.

You can also map them to an applicant if they already exist in the intake season. You won't be able to map the import to an existing student, for example if you are adding a Reception intake and one of the students already attends your Nursery.

If both the original student and the importing student have the same UPN, they will be automatically matched.



If there is no existing applicant to match them to, you can either leave the Update student field blank and click Import applicant, or you can click Cancel to close the slide over and import all the applicants in bulk (shown in the next section).


Step 3 - Finish the import

To import the students in bulk, click the Import All Students button.



Select the intake season to import them into, then confirm the import.




You'll receive a notification in the top right of your screen to let you know when the import has been completed.



If you refresh your page, you'll see all the students have been imported and new applicants have been created.



These students will now appear in the Applicants section. 


Step 4 - Delete any duplicates

To check if you've created any duplicate applicants you can see which students already exist on Arbor in the Students > Enrolment > Year Groups section. Click the year group to see a list of the existing students. 




If you have accidentally created a duplicate applicant and they are already a student on the system, you'll need to delete the duplicate applicant. For example, if you've been given an ATF for reception students that include students that already attend your nursery.

Just go to Students > All Students > Applicants. Select the intake season then go to Applicants from the left-hand side. Click the applicant's name that you want to delete.



Click Edit in the slide over, then on the next slide over click the red Delete Application and Student button.




You can then just promote the existing students as part of Step 3. Year Groups and Registration Forms of the New School Year Setup process.


Deleting enrolled applicants

If you have already enrolled applicants and have duplicates, you'll need to contact us to delete them. Take a look at this article for what to include in your email.

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