Adding and viewing Planned Absences

Go to Students > Attendance > Absentees (from left-hand menu) > Planned Absences to see students with upcoming planned absences.



You can filter the date range of the report by using the filter bar.



Logging a new planned absence 

Click on the Record Planned Absence button and fill out the information in the slide over.

If you want to record a repeating planned absence, click here.

  • Select the student(s) you wish to record a planned absence for. You can log a planned absence for one student, multiple students or even a specific group e.g a club or a class.
  • Start / End dates of the planned absence
  • Choose the pre-fill mark. This will automatically populate in the registers opened after the planned absence is logged.
  • Who approved the absence and the date approved 

Tick the box to Pin the planned absence to the Student's Profile box at the top of the page. When the absence has passed this will auto unpin from the Student Profile. 

Click on Record Planned Absence to record the absence.




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