Summative Tracking : All Assessments

The All Assessments page is the 'main menu' for anything related to progress (summative) tracking. This page allows you to filter between academic years, cohorts and assessments in an efficient way to assist you in locating the data you're after. 


1) The filters at the top of the page can be used to view the correct Academic Year, Year Group and Assessment. Simply click on the drop-down menu and click on the appropriate option.


2) Once the correct Academic Year and Year Group is chosen, you can click on the green +Add button next to 'Assessments' to add new assessments should you need to.


3) You can expand the assessment cycles using the cross symbol to allow various different actions, such as setting up baselines and targets, input marks, view the grade distribution and delete the assessment. 


4) Lastly, further options are found on the right-hand side of the page, such as the Instructions, Export Results and Download Import Spreadsheet options.