What can I access from the left hand menu in the student profile?

Academic Notes

The Academic Notes page records any academic information and documents which are linked with a particular course.

To create new academic notes:

1) Click on the plus (+Add) sign 

2) Input the required information including the relating course if applicable, a summary and the note. 

3) Click on Add Note button to save



The Calendar page displays the student's activities scheduled for the academic year. 

An individual or recurring event may be added by clicking on the day or time-frame (depending on the view) you would like to set up, and inputting the required information through the slide-over.

When hovering your mouse onto a calendar event, a tool tip is displayed to provide a brief explanation of the activity. 

The calendar display may be changed through the below features.

1) You may change the view through a Day, Week or Month. 

2) When clicking on the month currently displayed, a list of months and years are listed to quickly navigate through the calendar. 

3) To quickly get to the current day, a "Today" tab is displayed at the top of the calendar. 



The Enrolment page displays an overview the student's current and past enrolment information. 

To add a new enrolment for a particular year, please see the below steps.

1) Select the correct academic year

2) Click on the plus (+) sign next to School Enrolments header and choose the appropriate option

It is recommended to first add the student to a year group and then add a registration form, attendance pattern and a house. 

To edit a current enrolment's information, select the appropriate record and then click on "Edit" button to amend as required. 

The final section of this page displays a list of courses and classes linked with the assigned year group or registration form. These may be added by clicking on the plus sign next to the Courses & Classes header, and selecting the right class and start date. 



Meals presents an overview of all the student's meals information including attendance and any credit balance.

Meals settings and dietary requirements may be monitored and edited by clicking on the respective records.

A summary of the student's credit or debit balance is displayed. 

A list of meal attendance registers is also listed with the option to select any required record for a more detailed view.



The Reports page provides an overview of all report cards created and linked with the student, and grouped by academic years. 

To review a particular report card, clicking on the appropriate record will display a slide-over providing an overview of the report card setting and sections. 

The report may be downloaded or reviewed and edited by selecting the right button through the slide-over. 

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