Analysing Assessments using the Statistics page

The Statistics page shows a table of students' average grades including average baseline, average working at grade and average target.

The table can be exported in PDF or Excel format by clicking the Download button.



Use the filters at the top of the page to select the student groups to compare or choose which attainment expectations to show. Choose your Date, student group, Grade set, Level type and which assessments to analyse. The Students in field and Grade Set will usually populate with the correct values once you select the assessment, or you can change this to show the display grade set instead.

Then you can choose to group students by different demographics or group and choose the columns to display.





The page can also be used to show progress statistics for a range of student groups and their inverse from their baselines. Just use the filters to select the student groups to compare.




Using this page, you could identify that the average mark for one class is much lower than the others, or that pupil premium children are making less progress than non-pupil premium students in maths.


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