The Ad-Hoc Statistics page forms part of the Ad-Hoc Assessments section and is used to produce statistical reports on any of the Ad-Hoc Assessments set up within your system. This report can provide you with average values and gaps between student cohorts compared to the average.

1) The settings tab can be accessed by clicking anywhere within the green text above the table. This will allow you to choose your Date, Student Cohorts, Assessments, Courses and Grouping options.



2) Hovering your mouse pointer above any of the column titles and cells will pop up a tool tip with more information relating to the cell in question. 

3) You also have the option of downloading the Statistics table into Excel or PDF. This can be found at the top right of the table. 


For more information, you can watch our training Video on how to setup your Ad Hoc Assessments

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