Student Profile - Educational Needs

The Educational Needs page compiles all information regarding a student's interventions, special educational needs, gifts and talents, educational plans, events, funding and SEN statements and notes. 

To set a student's SEN status, click on the '+Add' button next to SEN Status Assignments and input the required information through the slide-over. 



SEN Status Assignments

This section lists any historic or current SEN statuses. These may be further monitored by clicking on the record and then click on Edit to update as required. 


Educational Needs

This section presents any particular needs that may be recorded for the student. This information may be reviewed and updated by clicking on the appropriate record and then Edit.

When clicking on the '+Add' sign next to the header, a slide-over is displayed to input and save a new SEN need. 

Attachments may be uploaded and linked with the particular educational need. 


Student Gifts & Talents

This section groups all recorded student talents. To add a new record, click on the plus '+Add' sign and select whether you will be recording a student gift or talent. A slide-over is displayed to input the right information and create the record. 

The gift(s) or talent(s) may be updated by clicking on the right record and then Edit. 


This section lists all the student's recorded interventions and their respective time-frame. 

To add a new intervention, click on the '+Add' sign next to the header. This will display a set of options to select whether to set up a new intervention for the student or add them to an existing one. The relevant status needs to be assigned to the student to indicate whether the intervention is in a planning/provisional mode, or has been confirmed. 

Please speak to your SENCO to find out how student enrolment into interventions works at your school. If you would like more information about how to set this up, please see Interventions.


Intervention Reviews 

Shows reviews added for the student in regards to any interventions they are linked with. 



Individual Education Plans 

This compiles the student's educational plan. To record a new plan, click on the '+Add' sign and input a summary, dates and relevant content. Attachments may be uploaded and linked with this particular record. 



This displays any SEN events recorded and linked with a staff member(s). By selecting the'+Add' sign, additional events may be recorded and assigned to the appropriate event type. 



SEN Statements are monitored through this section. When clicking on the '+Add' sign, a slide-over is displayed with a set of fields to input including the decision status, notes and dates for different stages. 


Student Funding

This section compiles any funding allocated to the student within a particular time-frame. To add a new individual funding, click on the '+Add' sign and select the appropriate funding type as well as dates and any notes. 



This section lists and manages the student's SEN notes and relative documents. To add a new note, click on the '+Add' sign and enter the date, summary and note content. Attachments may be uploaded through the slide-over and saved onto the particular record. 


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