My Calendar

 My Calendar offers a personalised way of keeping track of one's school meetings and events, by saving one-time or recurring events and adding other participants

Select a month from the drop down arrow next to the month name at the top.

To create a school event, click on a day in the calendar and input all the details in the slide over that appears, then click on 'Create school event'.

You can switch calendar view by clicking on the 'Day', '5 days' or 'Month' options.


The lessons staff members have also been assigned to cover will also show up on a staff members calendar. Clicking on the lesson from their calendar will allow them to access the registers for the lessons to complete them on Arbor.



In My Calendar, the slots are colour coded:

Dark Green: Class lessons (including Covering lessons)
Light Green: Urgent Events
Light Yellow: Extra Curricular Events
Orange: All other Events (Break, Club, General, Meeting, Parents Evening, Sports Fixture)


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