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Bulk Assign UCI

The Bulk Assign UCI page will load all students eligible for exams. The students that already have Unique Candidate Identifiers will have the number showing in the UCI column. The students without an UCI will have a blank space in the UCI column.

To Bulk Add UCI onto student profiles follow the below steps:

1. Tick the students without a UCI and click on the green pencil.

2. Click on the green pencil and choose "Bulk Assign UCI".

3) A slide over will then display the students ticked and click on "Assign UCI's". This will automatically set UCI on these student profiles.


Bulk assigning UPN

The Bulk Assign UPN page loads students in the school with a missing Unique Pupil Number.

Tick students you want to add a UPN number to , select "Assign UPN's" and "Bulk Assign UPN" and the UPN will generate. The list will update and the students that have had their UPN's added won't be on the list anymore.


This page will also load students that have a temporary UPN, to change their UPN to a permanent one follow the below steps:

1. Tick the students that will have their temporary UPN changed to a Permanent one. 

2. Click on the green pencil and click on "Issue Permanent UPN".

The list of students with a temporary UPN can be downloaded by clicking on the Download button. 

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