Year Group Overview

The Year Group Overview page provides a breakdown of the year group setup and the members assigned, both current and former students as well as staff members. 

Navigate to this using the following pathway: 

Students > Enrolment > Year Groups > Select year group 

The first section displays an overview of the year group setup including any target enrolment and the current number of students assigned. 


All with the exception of the "Students" records may be edited as required by clicking on the appropriate record and then Save Changes.


What's on the overview page?

1) The Registration Forms section lists any classes associated and linked with the particular year group. This registration form may be reviewed through a slide-over by clicking on the class record.

2) The Automatic Enrolment section highlights any student enrolment group that has been linked to the year group. 

3) The Heads of Year section lists any staff members that are linked with the year group. New members may be added by clicking on the plus (+) sign and selecting the right staff. Current members' time-frames may be edited by clicking on the record within the section and then click on edit. 


4) The Current Students section lists all students assigned to the year group whose time-frame includes today. New students may be added to the year group individually or in bulk by clicking on the plus (+) sign and selecting the right student record(s). 

The list of current students may be downloaded to Excel or PDF.


Students may be transferred to another year group or un-enrolled through this section. This is done by ticking the student records who are to be transfer or un-enrol, and then click on the green pencil highlighted. Select the required action following which a slide-over is displayed requesting the appropriate information. 


5) The Former Students section lists any students whose time-frame within the year group has expired. This list may also be downloaded to Excel or PDF as required. 



Look into individual year groups.

1) Select the academic year


2) Select the year group record


Through the Dashboard page, additional year groups may be created by clicking on the plus (+) sign next to the Year Group header and inputting the required information.



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