Student Portal- My Account

On the Identity section, a student can view their basic identity details such as their name, gender, ethnicity, religion etc...




The students can also view, update or add any of their Contact Details on this section.

To add a new contact detail, the student must click on the grey plus sign  and select which type of contact details they would like to add.




Once they select the type of contact detail, a slide over will appear where the contact details can be entered.




Students can view their username and update their password from the Login Details section below. To reset password they need to click on the 'Password' field.



A slide over will appear where the new password can be updated by filling in the required fields as shown below.



To clear your notifications, simply click on the Clear Notifications button found to the right hand side of the current page. 



To set up an imported email account, click on the + button within the Imported Email Accounts section and input the necessary information in the slide-over menu (see below)

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