See Attainment by Area for your Curriculum Tracking

Go to Students > Assessments > Formative Tracking > Analysis > Attainment by Area. The Attainment by Area chart shows the breakdown of marks for each skill, submodule, or module in your curriculum.


The Grade Key at the top of the page shows you which mark each colour corresponds to.


Clicking on a particular mark, for example, clicking 'Meeting Expectations' results in the chart focusing on all the 'Meeting Expectation' results.



Clicking on the bar for a module or submodule will show the breakdown of marks inside that module. 


You can apply filters to the data and change the curriculum by clicking on the filter bar


If you hover over the mark bands within a module you will also get a complete breakdown of who the students are who have attained the mark for that particular statement.



You can also click on the student's name and this will take you directly to the attainment area on their Student Profile.


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