Finding missing staff members and generating a staff list

If a staff member is missing from your search or staff lists, it might be because they're missing a business role. When we migrate your data over to Arbor, we map contracts to the closest business role we can find.

If you didn't record the staff member's contract in you previous MIS, we won't have been able to allocate the staff member a business role, which is why you might need to use the Global search to find them.

Once you've found them using the instructions below, be sure to give them a business role so they can access Arbor. 


Using the search box

Type the staff member's name into the search box to find them.



Can't find them in the search box? Click View all results to access the Global Search! Here you can see all current and past users with this name!



Using the Browse Staff page

The School > All Staff > Browse Staff page loads all of the current staff profiles on Arbor. Clicking on one of the staff members will load their profiles. The view may be changed through List or Profile views



To either view historic or future staff members click on the green filter at the top of the page and choose to display All Staff. The list will then update itself with the staff members. To search for a specific staff profile type their name on the search bar and click on Search.



To download a detailed report with staff information click on the Download Staff List button and tick the options for the report in Excel or PDF.


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