Manually Scheduling Timetable Slots

You can manually set up a timetable by first manually adding all your courses, classes and lessons on Arbor, if you haven’t already done so. More information on how to add Courses and Classes to Arbor, can be found here.

If you have imported your timetable via TimeTabler, you will need to schedule the lessons to complete the setup.

Once you have added all your Courses and Classes to Arbor, review your Timetable Slots. Go to Timetable > Timetable Administration > Timetable Slots.




The Provisional tab will show sessions that have not yet been scheduled. These slots will not appear on any timetable outputs such as the school timetable. Review each timetable slot one-by-one and make sure that everything is correct.

Then, select the timetable slot(s) you are happy with using the checkbox and click to schedule them. These timetable slots will move to the Scheduled tab of the page as they are now live on your system. 


Scheduling registration forms

For primary schools just using registration forms, go to the Schedule Registration Sessions page from the left-hand menu. Here you can select the registration forms you want using the checkboxes, and schedule AM and PM registration form times.



In the slide over, choose the registration start and end times, then schedule them.


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