Editing the Timetable during the Academic Year using TimeTabler or Timetable slots

You have 2 options in order to edit the timetable during the academic year:

Option 1. Overwrite existing timetable with a new TimeTabler file

You can import a new timetable from TimeTabler, any time during the current academic year. Importing a new TimeTabler file follows the same process as outlined, here.

When you import a new TimeTabler file,  Arbor will check for which academic year the file is for. If it is for the existing academic year, then the import TimeTabler file wizard will look to see which timetable slots have changed and for which effective dates. New timetable slots will be created for new courses/classes within the TimeTabler file, and existing courses/classes will have their effective dates extended if all that has changed is the time period.

Effective dates: these are the dates within an academic year that a timetable slot is active for. For example, you may decide that your timetable slots for a new timetable that you import at the start of the academic year, have effective dates from September 1st 2016 - July 22nd 2017. (You will set the effective date when using TimeTabler itself and it will exist as property within your TimeTabler file) You then generate a new timetable file at the end of winter term from TimeTabler, with effective dates from January 1st 2016 - July 22nd. After import of the new TimeTabler file, all new courses and classes from the file will be created as new lessons on Arbor, and any timetable slots from the file that match with existing timetable slots on Arbor, will be mapped but their effective dates will be updated.

Can I import a TimeTabler file early?

You are not able to import a TimeTabler file that covers two academic years. If you would like to create a timetable that becomes effective towards the end of the summer term, and which remains effective at the start of the next academic year, you must import two different TimeTabler files.

One file will have effective dates covering a portion of the current academic year, whilst the second TimeTabler file must be imported with dates covering the new academic year, even if the contents of the timetable are exactly the same.


Option 2. Editing the Timetable via Timetable slots

Go to School > Timetable > Timetable Administration > Timetable Slots

On the Timetable slots page, you are able to take several actions Use the filter panel at the top of the page and filter your timetable slots by subject, course/class or year group. This will help you easily identify lessons that have the same teacher or are in the same room.

You can click on an individual timetable slot to edit it. When editing, you can change the room or add/remove a teacher from the timetable slot. You can also change the time and date of the lesson itself. Finally, you can change the effective date of the timetable slot e.g. shorten a timetable slot from spanning the whole academic year to just lasting from September - December. If you would like to take these same actions but apply them to several timetable slots (e.g. change effective dates to all lessons in the same course/class), then use the checkbox on the left-hand side of the page, and select the timetable slots you would like to edit. Click on the option you would like to apply to the selected timetable slots. 


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