How do I view a student profile in Arbor?

There are several ways to find a student and access their Student Profile.


In the Search box  as you start to enter information Arbor will display any students (or staff) whose names begin with the letters you type.

If you see the student you require displayed in the list, you can select them to be taken directly to their Student Profile screen.


You can browse to a student either:

  • From the drop-down text menu click on Students > All Students > Browse Students 
  • By clicking Students on Favourite Links  
  • Clicking on a student's name where their name is clickable, eg. from the Dashboard Timeline 

The Browse Students screen shows the students in alphabetical order of last name in ‘Profile View’. 

  • You can view the names as a list by clicking on the button.
  • Change back to the Profile View by clicking on the button.

When you look at the bottom of the page (in either view) you’ll see how many pages there are, these can be navigated by clicking on the right and left pointing arrow buttons.

 You’ll also see the number so records displayed on the page and the total the number of records / students.

You can Search    directly from the Browse Students screen, but unlike the search box at the top of the screen this will only return students whose names contain the searched for criteria.

By default the Browse Student screen displays: All genders, All year groups, All registration forms, All current and future students.


Clicking on any of the titles displays a drop-down list of information click on any of the options to select and display students relevant to that selection e.g. clicking on All genders and choosing Female will display all female students.


To refresh the list back to default click on Browse  (left hand side of the screen).

You can select several options e.g. from All year groups you could select Year 1, then Year 2, and then Year 6 etc.


Clicking on any one of the students will load their profile.

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