HR Admin - Steps To Update Staff Contracts, Pay Scales and Allowances

Steps to Update your Staff Contracts, Pay Scales and Allowances

Go to the Staff Contracts page by going to School > All Staff > HR Admin > Contracts.

Either download and print the document or scroll right across the table till you get to the ‘Pay Scale’ column, when you get to this column order the pay scales alphabetically, this will make it easier for you to see which pay scales are in use.



To make sure the pay scales are up to date you will need to open a new tab and go to School > All Staff > HR Admin > Pay Scales. Select a pay scale, then you can either update each FTE Salary point individually by selecting the cell or click the green ‘Set New FTE Salary Values’ button to set them all at once and define effective dates.


Repeat the process for allowances.

Return to the Staff Contracts page and review the staff hours per week, weeks per year and FTE information. If this information is incorrect, you will need to update these on each staff’s contract profile.

You can either browse for the member of staff and go to their contract, or select the first member of staff. Scroll down to the salary section, and from here click on the current salary and update the Salary FTE and Pro Rata Calculation sections of the slide over. Arbor will then calculate the Base Pay (Pro Rata).

Repeat the process for each member of staff.



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