Adding, amending and deleting information from staff profiles


Adding new information to Staff Profiles is a very easy process and to start off with, the user should locate the section they want to add information to. Clicking on a section will immediately relocate me to that section.



I can then click the 'Add +' button to add transportation information i.e what car the staff member uses, registration number etc




Amending information is as easy as adding it onto the staff profile, so if any mistakes have been made when setting up the profile or the information has simply changed all you would have to do is locate the section which needs amending -



Then you would have to select the section that needs to be amended, Date Of Birth for example. As seen in the slide over below, there is an orange 'Edit' button that you can click to edit this information. This 'Edit' button is found throughout Arbor to help you amend information swiftly.




Arbor asks you to be weary of deleting information! Unless the information is absolutely incorrect, nothing should be deleted from a staff member's profile. What can be deleted is limited and there will be some cases in which you will have to contact your Analyst via email to delete something for you.


As an example, let's say a staff member was given a new business role that was added onto their profile, but right before the start date of this new role the staff member backs out and advises that he/she wants to proceed in their current role.


Locate the Business Role, click the orange 'Edit' button from the slide over and as seen below there is a red 'Delete' button so that you may delete the role in question.




Whenever a user attempts to delete information from Arbor, the user will always be asked to confirm - like so :


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