What information can I view and edit on the Student Profile?


The Student Profile display all the information recorded for a student, including personal and contact information, enrolment and timetable, behaviour and educational needs, progress and examinations. It includes important and general information as well as quick access to emergency contacts.

The sections displayed in the Student Profile are based on the Business Role the individual is logged in as therefore an Admin staff member will see more sections than someone logged in as a Teacher.

At the top of the Student Profile, you’ll see the student's Name followed by:

  • Form
  • Year
  • Date of Birth
  • Emergency contact – 1st priority emergency contact – the person who will be contacted by the school in the event of an emergency



Badges show throughout the site to flag student context. e.g. Pupil Premium. SEN (Special Educational Needs), EAL (English as an additional language) etc.

The student's (other/alternate) Emergency contacts are displayed and highlighted on the right side.


If the students Emergency contacts number is missing you are prompted with the words 'Number missing' to remind you to update.


Previous lesson and Next lesson linked to the student are displayed on the right, with an option to select either button and be directed to the particular event's overview.



A variety of documents can be quickly downloaded by clicking on the Download / Print… button and selecting the appropriate option.



You can record a student’s planned absence by clicking on the Record Planned Absence button on the right.




The Communications / Notes button displays a menu to quickly send communications to the guardian or student, as well as log notes.



For faster navigation and the option to jump to a specific section, you can filter the Student profile by clicking the View drop-down and selecting from the list.



Below the View drop-down will be any ‘Pinned’ items. You can pin SEN Notes, Medical conditions, Academic Notes and Behaviour Notes to the student profile!


Clicking on any pinned item displays a slide over showing additional information and the ability to edit the item if applicable.



This shows the student's personal information including Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Ethnicity, Religion as well as identification numbers such as UPN or student number, all of which may be added. If updates are required, by click on the record a slide over allows you to amend any of the information as required.

To add new information, click on the '+Add'  button and select from the list of options.



Select Identification document to add details of IDs such as passport numbers.



For example, to add the student as a Refugee or Asylum Seeker, select Nationality then add in the information in the slide over.



To edit existing details, click the field.



Student Contact Details 

This displays personal emails, Mobile and Home phone numbers, the students Home address and any additional addresses linked to the student as well as Postal addressee (Title(s)) and Salutation.

Clicking on the '+Add'  button, allows new information to be recorded.



Family, Guardians and Contacts

This section lists the student's guardians and other contacts.

Clicking on the '+Add' button, allows new guardians and contacts to be included.

Information already recorded can be updated by selecting the contact's record and then clicking on the Guardian/Contacts name (e.g. Martin Brown as below) to access their profile.


The relationship with the student may also be updated through the slide-over by clicking on Edit.


For more help with guardians, have a look at this video!



Language Abilities

This presents the student's native or additional languages.


By clicking on the '+Add' button, languages may be added.


User Details

This is Business Role-specific, and manages the student's profile credentials, where appropriate.


When clicking on the Username (if recorded), an overview of the user details is displayed.


Various options such as Reset Password, Change Password, Change Username are available as well as accessing the User Overview screen, Disabling the account or logging in as the User.



Parental Engagement

This section lists all Parents Evening meetings scheduled and linked with the student. A meeting can be reviewed in more detail and notes added by selecting the appropriate record.


Educational Needs

This is another Business Role specific section, in which SEN statuses and notes are presented as well as individual education plans. By clicking on a record, more information on the SEN Status is displayed.


To add new information, clicking on the '+Add' button displays a menu of options to choose accordingly.




This groups information relating to health and medication. The pre-set records may be updated by selecting the record.


When clicking on the '+Add' button, data such as Vision and Hearing Test, Medical Condition, Immunizations, Medical Event, Medical Institution Relationship, Medical Plan and Dietary Requirement can be recorded by selecting from the list.



Student Consent

Students over 16 are able to provide their own consent for the use of their photographs and more, so now you can also record that consent in the system. Just go to a student profile and click View > Consents (or scroll down), and you can now use the green plus icon in the top right to add consents from students as well as guardians and upload any attachments as proof.




This records information on transportation methods and motor vehicles. When clicking on the '+Add' button next to the header, a slide-over is displayed to input the necessary information. Notes can also be added within a transportation method by selecting the respective record.



Court orders may be recorded by clicking on the '+Add' option and inputting the appropriate information. This note may also be pinned onto the top of the profile. 



This section lists any user-defined field that the Leadership may have created for student profiles. This data is updated by selecting the right record and editing this through the slide-over. 

User-defined fields are there for you to track that little bit of extra information on a student, staff or guardian profile. This can be something specific to only your school or a general piece of information.

This function will show the information needed to be tracked in the 'Other' section on the profile.

How to set up a user defined field:

  • Go to System > User Defined fields
  • Click on the '+Add'
  • Add the 'field name' - For example - 'Ipad serial numbers'
  • 'Related to' - Select if you would like this field to show on Students, Staff or Guardian profiles
  • 'Field Type' - Allows you to choose the type of text you would like to use - For example - Text, Yes/No etc
  • Click 'Create'



This presents any consents the student is linked onto. To add a new consent, click on the '+Add' option and input the required information. Attachments may also be uploaded and linked with the particular record. 

To set up consents, take a look at this article.



Student Funding

This section lists any funding the student is assigned. For example, you may need to report on some student's top-up funding indicator for the census. Click +Add to add funding.




Education & Employment History

This lists past educational institutions, work placements and employment for the student. Additional items may be added through the '+Add' option next to the header.


ILR Achievements 

These are managed and updated through this section by clicking on the appropriate record and editing through the drop-down lists. 


Admin Functions

This provides a record to retrieve all CTFs (Common Transfer Files) that have been compiled for the particular student. When clicking on the record, a list of all accessible files is provided as well as a button to create a new full CTF for the student. Alternatively, create this file is clicking on the '+Add' button and going through the 2 steps of choosing a ‘Destination’ for the drop-down list. Add any note and click the 'Create CTF' button.


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