How Do I Complete The New Academic Year Set Up?


In Arbor you can easily set up the new school year by using our School Year Setup module. 

To access the module just click on School> School Structure> School Year Setup> New School Year.  Before starting the setup all options will show as Incomplete or Locked. 



Setting up the new academic years and terms

When clicking on the New School Year link on the left, the steps are displayed in order to go through the full year setup. Only when certain steps have been completed can the next steps be unlocked.



The first link through the above steps is to create your Academic Calendar. This includes three sections to work on: Creating the academic year, setting up terms and setting up holidays. To work on this, simply click on step number 1 in order to create the new academic year's dates. Please note that the academic year dates should also cover the summer holidays, which are considered part of the academic year. 

Once the year has been created, terms should then be set up through step number 2. 

We recommend that three terms are set up to cover the full Autumn, Spring and Summer term by adding the respective dates as appropriate, with half-term holidays entered as holidays in order to create a full term.

Any holidays in between terms should be omitted.

Holidays to be set up in the UK include Christmas, Easter, and summer breaks, mid-term holidays, any inset or training days, any public holidays or religious days. 

Once all dates are entered a green message will appear in the Days Unaccounted for box. To 'unlock' the following sections you have to click 'Mark Academic Calendar setup complete'. 



 A slide over will appear giving you the opportunity to review the academic year dates you have entered again. Click the green button to 'Mark as Complete'.  

When you return to the Overview Page you will now see that previously 'Locked' items have now become 'Available' for you to update.


Student Promotions

The End of Year setup allows you to automatically and quickly promote students from the current year groups and registration forms, into the next school year.

Through this setup, a link is available called 'Years and Forms' in order to promote students onto the correct year group and then the right registration form. 

Step number 3 goes through the confirmation of promoting students within year groups, which is done by selecting the succeeding year group at each instance. This is done in bulk, and the new enrolment is automatically added as soon as these are saved.

In step 4, the promotion of students from one registration form onto another is done. We recommend student groups are finalised before carrying on with the promotion, as this will automatically set up all students' enrolment for the new year.

In case there any changes in students' registration forms, these may be manually updated through Students > Enrolment > Registration Forms > select the right academic year > select the right registration form.




If your school is expanding you can add new year groups and registration forms within the 'Review' box by clicking on the green add button in the right-hand corner of the Year Groups box and the Registration Forms box. You can also make any changes to tutors and forms within the review area as well.

If tutors have not been assigned to registration forms this will be flagged in orange in the Assign Tutors step.


Creating an intake season

An intake season is needed to be created in order for new applicants to be linked with, once these are imported onto Arbor. To create a new intake season, please go to Students > All Students > Applicants. Within the Intake Seasons page, click on '+Add' and input the relevant information as noted.

The new academic year should have been already created at this stage so that the intake season is linked with the correct year. Once the intake season has been created, you can import student files. 


Importing CTF/ATF for new applicants

Two types of files may be imported onto Arbor in order to process any applicants' data that may have been provided to the School. The file(s) is imported through School > Data > Import > select the appropriate option to proceed and import.

Once admissions data has been imported, return to Students > All Students > Applicants > select the new intake season, and then click on 'Applicants'. This page presents all students that have been imported and are yet to be processed and enrolled onto the academic year. 


Managing applicants

The applicants list displayed following the file import(s) allows you to manage new students and go through the admissions process in bulk. You can then: 

1. Make offers

2. Accept offers / Reject offers

3. Assign applicants to year group

4. Assign applicants to a registration form

5. Assign applicants to house (if applicable)

6. Enrol students / Withdraw students

Once you are happy that this is finished, click on the green 'Mark as Complete' button on the right-hand side of the page. 

If you need to make any changes after this you are able to change the status from Complete back to Incomplete.


Copying Custom Groups and Houses



Click on the Setup box and follow the prompts to copy over your existing Custom Groups.

The next setup for Houses will suggest if you need to set up houses for next year or not.



When Houses have been copied over you can mark this step as complete.


Setting up your Courses and Classes 



There are 3 different approaches

  1. Scheduling sessions from registration forms
  2. Importing courses and classes using TimeTabler 
  3. Setting up courses and classes from scratch.

To schedule sessions from registration forms, select this option and select the classes you want to schedule sessions for.


Click on the schedule registration forms option and a slide over will appear. This slide over will ask for the start and end times of your morning and afternoon sessions. Fill these in and click on the green schedule registration forms button and this will now populate.


Uploading a TimeTabler file (only applies if using TimeTabler)

Within the New School Year Setup, you can select option 2 to import your TimeTabler file. If you use TimeTabler to set up your Courses and Classes you can also reach this point by going to School > Timetable > Timetable Administration> Import Timetable and then uploading the file.



Click on the green Add button in the top right-hand corner, then follow the steps to import your TimeTabler file.


Setting up your Courses and Classes from scratch

The third option 3 allows you to create your courses and classes from scratch. You can read more about setting up courses and classes in this article here. How to Setup Courses and Classes


Setting up meal provisions for the new school year

1. Click on option 1 to copy meals and meal provisions. A slide over will appear, select the meal provisions you would like to copy across to the new academic year and click the green 'Copy' button in the bottom right-hand corner. (You will now be able to see the lunch provisions in the review section below.) 

2. The second stage is to copy over the meal sittings and attendees. Again click on 'Copy Meals and Meal Provisions' and a white slide over box will appear.

Check that the sittings are correct and/or select the lunch sittings you want to copy across. Again, click on the green 'Copy Meal Settings' button.

3. The next step is to copy over the meal prices. When you click on copy meal prices a slide over box will appear with all your current meal prices. Check these and untick any that you do not want copying across.

Then click on the green 'Copy Meal prices' button.

Once you have done these steps Meals for the academic year will be created. You can confirm that this is set up correctly by clicking on the green 'Mark as Complete' button on the right-hand side of the page.


Reviewing Setup

Once the setup has been completed, you will see a review page. Once all steps have been marked as completed the overview page will now look as below.



When the process is finalised through School > School Structure > School Year Setup, a link called 'Review School Year Setup' is available to go through a review. There are four links that go through a confirmation of year groups, registration forms, houses and their enrolments, and also attendance patterns. These are reviewed by clicking on the respective record for a summary of the particular setup to be displayed. Any necessary changes may also be applied at this stage.





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