Refunding payments

Refunding by Cash or Cheque

Please note: This process only logs the refund in the system. It is up to your school to actually carry out the physical refund.

To log in Arbor that a refund has been given by cash or cheque, go to School > Payments > Accounts > Refunds. To issue a new Refund, click +Add.



Fill in the details on the slide over, including the Student, Account, and Amount and click 'Add Refund'


The refund will be recorded, and this will be reflected in the student's Account Balance. 


Refunding by Card

Refunding Meal Top-ups and other Top-up accounts

To refund a Meal Top-up fully or partially, go to School > Payments > Accounts > Top Ups and select the card payment you would like to refund.

Please note that the original transaction fee will not be returned to you.



In the slide over, click the Refund top-up button.



Add a reason for making the refund and the amount to be refunded, then click Refund top-up and confirm the refund.




The refund will then be processed. If it is successful, clicking on the payment again from the Top Ups page will show the refund date.



The refund will also display on the Accounts > Refunds and Card Payments > Card Refunds pages.



Refunding Club payments

To refund a club payment, take a look at this article

Refunding Trip payments

To refund a trip payment, take a look at this article
Please Note: If money is not being paid out to a Student's parent/guardian, but a charge simply needs to be reversed, a refund should not be issued. Instead, please cancel the Invoice (for help with this, read this article).
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