Setting up Behaviour Types

Arbor allows you the flexibility to create your own behaviour types e.g. Fighting/ smoking etc and to add a severity ranking on a scale of +/-5. You can also archive any behaviour types you don't want to use, and they won't be available to users when logging an incident.


Adding a behaviour type

If you want to add your own behaviour types, go to Students > Behaviour > Setup and go to the Types tab.



To add your own behaviour types click +Add in the top right-hand corner.



A slide over will appear and you can add the details of the Behaviour here, including the severity.

You can also add staff members who may need to be notified either by role eg Form Tutor, Head of Year or by name.

Click the green Add Behaviour button to complete.



Editing a behaviour type

If you want to edit a behaviour type, you can! On the Students > Behaviour > Setup > Types tab, click the type you want to edit.

Make the changes, then click Save Changes.



Removing a behaviour type

You have two options to remove a behaviour type from the list available to users when logging an incident:

  • Archiving the behaviour type - This can be used to switch the behaviour type off for an amount of time and is reversible.
  • Deleting the behaviour type - This will completely delete the behaviour type and is non-reversible. You would need to set up the behaviour type again.



To archive a behaviour type, click the behaviour type, then click the Archive button.

If you archive a behaviour type then you won't be able to assign it to new incidents. You will still be able to see a record of any previous incidents logged for that behaviour type and you can still make custom reports with this data in too as long as the date of the report includes the time that the type was active. 



The behaviour type will move from being an 'Active Behaviour' to an 'Archived Behaviour'. View these by clicking the drop-down menu at the top of the page.



If you want to unarchive the behaviour type, just click it, then click the Unarchive button.




To delete a behaviour type, click the behaviour type, then click the Delete button.



Please note: When you delete a behaviour type, any past incidents recorded with this type will instead display the derived incident level but will not display the type.




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