Adding, editing and deleting users on the Group MIS

Adding users

First, navigate to Group > Staff > Browse StaffYou will be taken to a list of your existing users. Here you can check that the person does not already have a profile.



Next, navigate to Group > Staff > Add new staff member and fill in the form for the person to be added.

Selecting Send welcome email/SMS will send the new user a link, via email or SMS, to sign up and set a new password. Then click Next. The new user profile has been created.



When you click Next, you'll be able to set the access this user should have to the School MIS sites connected to your Group MIS.

If you want them to be able to log into all your schools, select the first option.

If you want them to only be associated with specific institutions, select the second option and click the drop-down menu to select the clusters or institutions.

Then click Save.



You will then be taken to the user’s brand new profile. 



The Group Staff Profile


You can add staff contract information by going to Contracts from the left-hand menu. Click to add a new contract.

Please note, to add a new contract you must first have set up a suitable position in Group > Staff > Positions. If you want to include a superannuation scheme you will need to set this up in Group > Staff > Superannuation Schemes.



Add in all the details, then click Create Staff Contract.




You will then be able to view and delete the contract from the staff profile.



Roles and Permissions

Without a role, the user will have no permissions in the application and will be unable to access any of its features. 

To add additional business roles, click Roles and Permissions in the left-hand menu. Click '+Add in the Roles and Permissions section. This will open a page where you can select a role for your new user.



Choose a role and select a start date for that role, then click 'Assign role'.



Next, choose whether the staff member is associated with all institutions or not by clicking in the Institution Permissions section.




If you have chosen to not allow the user access to all institutions, you need to add the institutions they should have access to. Click here to see how to associate them with clusters of institutions or with individual institutions.



Deleting users

First, navigate to the user's main Staff Profile page and scroll to the bottom. Click the Delete field.



In the slide over, chose whether just to delete the contact details or all records of this staff member.


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