Product Update:

Group Dashboard User Management system is going live today
• Add users
• Assign group appropriate business roles
• Role based permissions which enable areas of the application to be made available / hidden dependent upon role
• Manage access to student details for individual users - set student access for specific demographic groups, students from certain schools within the group, or students from schools in specific LAs covered by the group (particularly helpful for sensitive student data such as CIC).
Help Documentation live here: https://support.arbor-education.com/hc/en-us/sections/202802925-Getting-Started

Group Dashboard Account Management system is going live today
• Use this to view details of your current subscription including features available and how to upgrade to the next subscription level
• View the connections which schools in your group have to RoL, SIMS, and Arbor Core MIS to troubleshoot data errors, identify ways in which you can improve the functionality of your group dashboard

Group Dashboard Group/School Details Pages are going live today
• Use these to view and manage details of your group, including contacts, leadership figures, and overall status of your data connections
• View and manage the same details for each of your schools in additional to key data such as Ofsted grade, phase, student number, and RSC region.