Ofsted Readiness Report

The Ofsted Readiness Report gives you a clearer understanding of your likely Ofsted inspection outcome based on your latest performance data. It highlights key areas of performance which might contribute to that result, and so aims to help you, your senior leadership and governing body to celebrate your school's successes, prioritise interventions and ultimately improve school outcomes.

The report is based on both Ofsted data and RAISEOnline data so can be used ahead of and during an inspection to help you prepare. Whilst our algorithm predicts the probability of a school’s Ofsted inspection rating, it's worth remembering it's not a certainty and there are always exceptions to the rule. You still need to check RAISEonline, as Ofsted would use this if they inspected your school. This report should be seen as a summary companion to RAISEonline’s detailed analysis. 

Key features of the report:

  • An individual school Ofsted prediction

  • Detailed analysis of all key performance measures including attendance, attainment and progress measures (n.b. attendance data is not released by the DfE until late November 2016)
  • Benchmarking of school results against not only the national average, but also the average for Good schools and the average for outstanding schools. This is particularly helpful for schools which find that they consistently outperform the national average but wish to push themselves to the next level.

  • An overview of the difference in achievement between different pupil groups within the school in key measures (n.b. for more detailed analysis of this we recommend our Gap reports)

How do we create the Ofsted Prediction?

Our clever data scientists built an algorithm that looked at over 150 million school data points gathered from the Department of Education and Ofsted inspections and used supercomputers to predict the likelihood of your next Ofsted judgement.

We then analysed the data from schools rated ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Good’ to create a benchmark showing where your school outperformed and where it could improve. The end result was checked by current and former HMIs and Ofsted inspectors to ensure it matched what they would look for during an inspection.

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