Gap Reports

Gap reports are a series of five reports, based on Analyse School Performance data, which consider how certain vulnerable pupil groups are performing in a school when compared with the school and national averages for all students and the same pupil group.

Each of the 5 reports looks at a different pupil group

  • Disadvantaged - looks at the performance of pupils with English as an additional language, pupils in receipt of Free School Meals, and children in receipt of Pupil Premium funding.
  • Gender - looks at the differences in the performance of girls and boys.
  • Prior Attainment - looks at the performance of pupils with low, middle and high prior attainment at the previous Key Stage.
  • SEN - looks at the performance of children with special educational needs.
  • Ethnicity - looks at the performance of the dominant ethnicity groupings in a school.

All reports look at key performance measures with the particular intention of highlighting any gaps between the children in the pupil grouping in question, and other children in the school or nationally. Visualisations highlight very clearly (using colour and stars) where there are gaps, in what subject, and in what type of measure (attendance, attainment or progress).

Benchmarking comparisons in these reports are designed to show if gaps are with the school average, the national overall average, or the national average for the same group of pupils.

This report is recommended for SLT and pastoral leaders in a school to identify where to focus interventions, resources and differentiation to ensure no child is being left behind.

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