Taking Attendance using the iPad App

Our Arbor teacher app helps make attendance taking as quick and painless as it can be for teachers.  

Getting Started

From the login page, you are taken straight to the 'My Lessons' page.

This is your timetable for the day and shows all the lessons in which you will need to take attendance.

The default view is the single day view (as indicated by the selector on the top right-hand corner). 

If you prefer, you can switch to the 5 day view instead.

The current lesson is outlined in blue, but any lesson can be selected from these views to open the 'Attendance' page.



The attendance page displays the class, date and time of the lesson along the top.

Top right of the page is the 'Save' button, and on the top left is the 'Back' button. 

The default view for this page is to display larger 'cards' for each student (as indicated by the selector on the right-hand corner).


To quickly take attendance, just select a student card - this displays the quick attendance action options and also brings up a blue notice at the top of the page stating '1 student selected'.

You can select the appropriate icon to represent the assigned attendance mark. A tick means present (/), the clock means late (U), and the cross means absent (N).




Popups and Notes

The blue 'More' icon on the top right of each student card brings up a popup.

In this popup, you can review or amend the attendance mark, and can also add a note to the student record. This popup can be used to change a mark as well.

To write a note in the popup, tap on the notes area to bring up the keyboard.

Selecting 'Enter' applies the note to the student for the lesson.

'Cancel' closes the popup without applying any changes.

The applied note is shown by the icon on the top left of the student card.

The note can be read by clicking on the note icon, or by opening up the popup using the regular blue 'more' icon.


Bulk Attendance

You may prefer not to take attendance one by one and so it is possible to take 'bulk attendance' by selecting more than one student card. When this happens, the number of students selected is again shown at the top of the page, each student card is shown in blue, and the bulk action flyover appears on the right.

Choosing one of the attendance mark options from the bulk action flyover greys out the unselected students (ensuring the teacher is sure about the who they will be applying the attendance mark to) and brings in options relating to the mark selected.

E.g for a late mark, you can select how many minutes late. Again, you can select a different attendance mark and can add a note as before.



Another way to speed up attendance taking is by filtering students.

By tapping on the filter icon, you can see bulk filter options, including "not assigned".

This filters your view of student cards to only those who do not have an attendance mark assigned.


You are also able to use the search bar if you prefer to search for an individual student, rather than having to scroll.


Bulk Select Students

From a filtered view (or even from the main "Show All" view) there is another way to bulk select students, other than by selecting many student cards using the 'Bulk Select Students' drop-down.

'Mark rest as...' selects all students who have not yet been assigned a mark. This is one of the best time-saving tricks in the app!

This will help you quickly select all the other students and then assign them a mark on the regular bulk action flyover.

The 'Select all' option selects all student cards instead of only the unassigned ones.


List View

You may not need or want to see the student photos and see more of your students all in one go.

To do this, simply choose to see students in 'list view'. This is indicated by the icon on the very far right-hand side. Everything works just the same way in list view.


You need to save the attendance marks by selecting the green button on the top right-hand corner.

If you try to navigate away from a page without saving, you will be prompted to save by the following popup.


Once you have saved the attendance marks, the 'My Lessons' page is updated with the number of marks entered, and if there are any marks missing.


Logging out

You can securely log out at any time by tapping the 'Log out' green link on the top left-hand corner of the 'My Lessons' page. This will bring ask you to confirm that you want to log out.




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