Getting Started with the Attendance App


This app is only available for iPads.

The app aims to simplify everyday classroom tasks such as taking attendance and allows you to update students attendance information wherever you have a wifi connection. 

NOTE: For teachers to use the Arbor Teacher app the Arbor MIS must be used at their school. The app only works in conjunction with the Arbor MIS. 

All of the data used by the Arbor Teacher app is encrypted so that confidential information cannot be accessed by unauthorised users.


The iPad app is available for download from the Apple App Store.

Search for "Arbor Education Partners" and you should find both our old app (with the grey background) and our new app (with the white background).


After installing the app, and launching it for the first time, you will see a welcome message.

This will prompt you to log in using your existing Arbor MIS login.


If you have forgotten your password, tap the "Forgot your password" link and have a reset password email sent to your email address.

You can also choose to go back to the login screen using the link on the top left-hand corner.


Having logged in to the app you may need to select which school information you want to see.

This is particularly for teachers who may have access to more than one school's information (e.g. a primary and secondary in a group).

You will have to select the school and then enter your password to access that school's information.


When a user logs all the way in for the first time, they will see these simple onboarding messages.




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