Student Profile - Behaviour

Behaviour data can be reviewed through the general Behaviour module however you can get an understanding of an individual student's behaviour through their particular profile. 

When accessing a student profile, click on the Behaviour link on the left. 

This page instantly presents a behaviour dashboard that includes a number of KPIs relating to different awards and/or points that the Behaviour module is set up with. This dashboard also includes information on detentions and incidents that the student may be linked with. 



For each point scale your score has set up, detentions and incidents, these boxes give a comparison between the student in question and the school average for the selected date range as well as for this week.

The Weekly Behaviour Scores chart shows the number of incidents, points or detentions that were assigned to the student during each with of your date range. This chart is not cumulative, so it shows which weeks in the year behaviour were best and can flag up trends of worsening behaviour.

Hover your mouse over a point on a chart to see the breakdown of incidents represented by that point.



The behaviour by time of day chart shows on aggregate how many incidents, points or detentions a student has received for each period of the day. This is a useful way of spotting patterns in a student's behaviour. For example, are they behaving poorly after lunch because they aren't eating enough? Hovering the mouse over a bar shows the school average for this statistic and how it has changed recently.



The Incidents By Type chart shows the breakdown of the behavioural incidents that the student has been involved in by category of behaviour. Hovering over a bar will show a comparison to the school average for that category as a benchmark. 



Viewing Internal Exclusions on the Student Profile

A student's internal exclusions can be viewed by selecting the student’s profile, selecting Behaviour in the sidebar and selecting the Internal Exclusions tab.



Similarly, a student's enrolment in an internal exclusion is also visible in the History tab. Screen_Shot_2019-07-10_at_15.10.45.png

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