Uploading Pupil Premium Recipient Records from Key to Success

You can upload and tag the official recipients of the Pupil Premium each financial year, taken from the Official DfE files received from Key to Success.

As Pupil Premium status is allocated from the DfE after each Census, the Key 2 Success Report is correct unless any revisions are made in which case you can reimport the report from them or await the new data from the DfE after your next Census.

This will allow you to see the "Pupil Premium Recipient" badge against a pupil on their student profile.

Firstly make sure that you have downloaded the file from Key to Success and that this is saved on your computer before you start.

Student> All Students> Bulk Update> Pupil Premium Recipients

The page explains how to get the Pupil Premium file and how to use Key to Success to download and search for students.


Click on the green 'Show UPN List' to get a list of all UPN's of students currently enrolled in your school.


Once you have the file click on the green '+Add' button.


This will open a pop up where you can upload your file from KtS to. Once you have browsed and added the file from your computer, click on the green 'Upload' button to continue.



This will then generate a list of all the students in the file you uploaded. 

To create the Pupil Premium records click on the green 'Create Report' button. Until you have confirmed the report, Pupil Premiums will not be created in Arbor.

To see a complete list of the students you have uploaded. Go to Students> Demographics> Pupil Premium Recipients to see all Pupil Premium Recipients for the financial year.

You can switch between financial years using the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner and you can also download this list as an Excel file.

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