How do I schedule candidates for exams?

To set up your Exams, go to Students > Examinations > Setup > Centre Setup.

Ensure you have:

  • The school’s Centre Number
  • The name of your school's Exams officer
  • Any text you want to display on the candidate labels



Qualification offering

When a school is first starting with exams they will need to navigate to Students > Examinations > Qualifications > Qualification Offering. Click the +Add new button to add a new Qualification.



In the slide over, find the exam. It is easiest to search for the exam by entering the QAN code. Click on the Award/Unit drop-down and select the exam, then click the green Add Offering button.



For Non-EDI qualifications, you can subscribe to the learning units on the next page.



When you click Save Changes, you can then add an assessable for each learning unit. Once you have chosen your assessables, click Create.



Top Tip: If you don't want to create an assessable for a learning unit right now, skip by removing the assessable code.



Once you have added your assessables, you will receive a message to the top-right of your screen. 



You can view all Qualifications under their relevant headings at Students > Examinations >  Qualifications > EDI/Non-EDI. 




Candidates are added via Students > Examinations > Candidates > Internal Candidates.



Click +Add to add candidates in a variety of ways (by name/year group/course).



You can add your transferred candidates in this Candidates section.

Transferred students are students who need to sit an exam at a different school to the one that entered them – because they've moved house, been in the hospital, or other exceptional circumstances. For more guidance from AQA, click here.

There can be two types of Transferred candidates, Internal or External:

Transferred Internal candidates: these are normally Dual Subsidiary students, who are entered into exams by your centre but must sit their exams at another centre. Results included for subject analysis purposes. These students will be shown on the Internal Candidates page.

Transferred External candidates: candidates that a centre accepts for exam sitting purposes, but whose entries are made by another centre. No results are received so no analysis is possible. These students will be shown on the External/Previous Candidates page and can also be added here.



Candidate labels can also be printed from the Candidates pages once candidates have been added. Just tick the boxes next to the candidate names and click the blue pencil icon to select Print Candidate LabelsYou can then choose what data to include on the label.



Candidate UCI and UCN

If the students do not already have a UCI or a Candidate number then they can be assigned on from Students > Examinations > Candidates > Internal Candidates

Just click on the UCI field to update the information in the slide over.



Access arrangements

Once candidates have been added to the exams module then you can record access arrangements in Access Arrangements. Go to Students > Examinations > Candidates > Access Arrangements.

Clicking a cell allows you to edit the access arrangement.



You can click the filters to change the settings to not group the Access Arrangements for each student together.




Click the green Add New Access Arrangement button and fill in the slide over to add a new Access Arrangement.



Choose candidate entries

You can easily enter candidates and see all your students entries on the Entries > Entry by Student Group page.

You can use the filters at the top of the page to select the courses or exams you would like to display. In this example, I have chosen to look at all my English Year 10 and 11 students.

You can select courses, the table will display entries for students in that course and all the exams linked to that course. If you select any other student group you will be shown a list of all the students in that group and all their entries.



To enter candidates, tick the boxes next to the students you want to make entries for, then click the blue pencil icon and select Enter Candidates.



In the slide over, select the qualification to enter the candidates into, then click Enter Candidates.



If you’re about to enter any candidates into Awards or Learning unit with the same discount or scheme codes, you’ll be notified in a slide over. You can then choose not to make the entry, or enter the candidates anyway.



Once entered, the candidates will then show as entered pending submission.

When candidates are entered, withdrawn, rejected or confirmed in the EDI exports section, the table will update to show this information.

  • A yellow clock means the candidate has been entered pending submission and confirmation with the exam board
  • A red clock means the candidate has been withdrawn pending submission and confirmation with the exam board
  • A green tick means the candidate has been entered
  • A red cross means the candidate was withdrawn



Entering coursework marks

Some exams have a coursework element which makes up one (or more) units (pieces) of the course towards the student's qualification.  

Where this unit makes up part of an exam it will appear here Students > Examinations > Coursework > Overview.



Click the exam to enter the candidate grades. Candidates should already be linked to the exam by this stage.



EDI Export

Once you have added exams and added candidates to them, you must create and export an EDI file out of Arbor to then submit to the exam boards

Exam entries are not automatically sent from Arbor to the exam boards. You will need to export them and upload them to the exam boards directly.

Take a look at this article for full instructions.

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