How do I schedule candidates for exams?

To set up your In-house Exams, go to Students > Examinations > Setup

Ensure you have:

  • The school’s Centre Number
  • The name of your school's Exams officer



Qualification offering

When a school is first starting with exams they will need to navigate to: Students > Examinations > Setup > Qualification Offering > +Add

You can view all Qualifications under their relevant headings at: Students > Examinations >  Qualifications. This tab will allow you to view Qualifications breakdown in EDI/Non-EDI.


It is easiest to search for the exam by entering the QAN code. Click in the Award/Unit drop-down and select the exam (this should match the QAN code entered precisely) and “Add Offering”.



Candidates are added via Students > Examinations > Candidates > Internal


Click the +Add button to add candidates in a variety of ways (by name/year group/course).


Occasionally schools may host ‘external’ or ‘private’ candidates. These can be added in the same way.


Candidate labels can also be printed from this screen once candidates have been added.



Candidate UCI and UCN

If the students do not already have a UCI or a Candidate number then they can be assigned on from Students > Examinations > Candidates > Internal. Alternatively, if they already have one they can be edited from this screen.



Access arrangements

Once candidates have been added to the exams module then you can record access arrangements in Access Arrangements.

Students > Examinations > Access Arrangements.



Click the green Add New Access Arrangement button and fill in the slide over to add a new Access Arrangement.



Choose candidate entries

Students > Examinations > Candidate Entries > EDI

This will show the qualifications you added earlier. By clicking into each you can add candidates to the exam.



Bulk entry

The bulk entry feature can be used to adding candidates to exams quickly.

Students > Examinations > Candidate Entries > Bulk Entry

The steps must be completed in sequence order.



Entering coursework marks

Some exams have a coursework element which makes up one (or more) units (pieces) of the course towards the student's qualification.  

Where this unit makes up part of an exam it will appear here Students > Examinations > Coursework Marks > Overview and schools will need to navigate here to enter the candidate grades. Candidates should already be linked to the exam by this stage.



EDI Export

Once you have added exams and added candidates to them, you must create and export an EDI file out of Arbor to then submit to the exam boards

Exam entries are not automatically sent from Arbor to the exam boards. You will need to export them and upload them to the exam boards directly.