February Updates

Profile Pictures Output to Custom Report Writer

You can now add student and staff profile pictures as a column when creating reports in Custom Report Writer!



Printable Labels

You can now Ability to output Printable Label Sheets in Microsoft Word format (in addition to existing PDF format)


Browsing Students

When browsing for students there is now the option to filter “All Pending Applicants” (i.e. applicants not yet admitted) when searching.


Parent Portal

The activation of this can now be managed in school. You no longer need to request this to be activated by Arbor. If you are not yet using Parent Portal please speak to your Customer Success Manager on how this can benefit your school!

Students> Parents & Guardians> Settings> select Allow Parents to log in to activate your school Parent Portal.

Background and Derived Indicators

This information has now been split into two separate areas on the Student Profile.




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