2019/2020 Product Update Roundup 1 - Locking incidents, Exams navigation and Group Staff Profiles

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The Headlines

Locked Behaviour Incidents

Behaviour incidents can be used as evidence for exclusions, in meetings with parents and sometimes in court. To prevent editing or deletion of logged behaviour incidents, you can now toggle this feature from the Students > Behaviour > Setup > Incidents tab. 

This is by default set to ‘Yes - allow editing of behaviour incidents after they have been logged’, but if you have the School: Behaviour: Administer or School: Policy: Administer permissions you’ll be able to toggle this.


Exams Navigation

We've improved the navigation and menus of our exams module to make it super simple for you to manage setup, qualifications, entries and results. Don't worry, all the pages you know and love are still there, we've just shaken up the order they appear in!

We've also separated out our standard exams and in-house exam sections. Many of the in-house exam pages are the same, but our new structure means you won't need to go back and forth between the normal and in-house exams menus.



Group Staff Profiles

We’ve released our improvements to Staff Profiles on the Group MIS, to allow easier management of details, permissions and contract details. There’s now no need to set staff up on a school site if they only work with the central team. Just use the Browse Staff page to find their profile, then click Contracts on the left-hand side to record their details.



What else is new?

  • Register groups of students as in-house exam candidates from In-house exams > Candidates.
  • If entering a student into 2 or more exam qualifications with the same discount or scheme code, you’ll be alerted before you enter them. You can then decide to amend your entries or ignore the warning. 
  • Once you set up your Departments, you can filter to show only students enrolled in a department’s linked courses, anywhere you see a Students who are… filter, for example to see all students taking Year 10 Geography.


Coming soon...

Target Judgement Rules

You’ll be able to customise our Target Judgement Rules to reflect the language you use in your school and add additional rules if needed.

Your mark sheets will be colour-coded with extra colours added between orange and green, depending on your number of rules.

Card Payments

Now we’ve enabled refunds for top-up accounts, we’re working on making refunds available for Clubs and Trips too!

Soon staff will also be able to top up their meal accounts themselves.

Autumn Census

Your School Census dry run will open on the 19th September, so keep an eye on your inbox next week for our Census Guide! This year you’ll be able to add in your Post-16 English and Maths prior attainment right from the Census pages.


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