2019/2020 Product Update Roundup 3 - Attendance Over Time and Gap Analysis

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The Headlines

Gap Analysis

We’ve released our Gap analysis feature so you can quickly measure the difference in attainment between disadvantaged students and their peers.

On our Assessments > Summative Tracking > Analysis > Attainment Expectations page, use the filters to group students by Demographic vs Inverse vs GapGet started by reading our Gap analysis article.



Attendance Over Time

We’ve built a new Attendance Over Time graph to allow you to see the percentage of present marks for your whole school or specific student groups over time. Go to Students > Attendance > Attendance Over Time for whole-school attendance, or use the filters to compare different student groups or demographics. 



Communications Log

We’ve improved the layout of the downloadable Communications Log so you can more easily see all the messages sent in the handy PDF format. Download the log from the Communications & Notes section of a Student Profile.



What else is new?

  • The School > All Staff > Absences page now displays Total Working Days Lost (the full number of scheduled days of absence) and Filtered Working Days Lost (the amount of days absence that occurs within the selected filter dates).
  • We’ve added more Progress 8 qualifications to choose from when setting up your assessments, including BTECs, Technical Awards and National Certificates.
  • Download a list of notes added to a Behaviour Incident,  Intervention session, Internal exclusion session or from many other places by clicking the new Download button.
  • You can now create an aspect (grade set) for historic EDI qualifications so you can 
    enter exam grades for entries from before this academic year.


Coming soon...


Soon you’ll also be able to analyse your gap data over time, as we’ll also be adding this feature to the Expectations over Time, Transition Matrix and Statistics analysis pages.

Now you can share your summative assessment setup with other schools, we’re also working on supporting the setup of trust-wide policies to help further standardise and analyse assessments.


Now we’ve enabled refunds for Clubs, we’re working on making refunds available for Trips too!

Workforce Census

Your Workforce Census Dry Run will open on Thursday 24th October, so keep an eye on your inbox for our Workforce Census Guide.

Classroom Management

Classroom management tools are in hot demand from our schools, so look out for new features such as seating plans in the future!


If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact our Customer Support Team.

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