Adding a break in Guardian Consultations

You can schedule a break for staff in your guardian consultation (parents evening) by adjusting the availability period for the staff member. 

To do this, go to Students > Parents & Guardians > Guardian Consultations and select your Parents Evening.



Click on Staff Availability from the left-hand menu. 



This will bring up a list of the staff and their availability. Click onto the staff member you wish to change to bring up a slide over with their availability.



Change the Available until field to the time that the staff member wants to start their break and click Save Changes.



Next, click on the +Add in the top right and add in a new availability period starting when the staff member's break ends. 




Once this has been done, you should see that there are two entries for the staff member on the list - one prior to the break and one after. Parents will be able to book slots for both periods, but not for the break in between.


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