Schoolcomms/School Gateway and Arbor integration

You must contact School Comms before doing any of these steps so that they are aware that you are using Arbor as there might be some changes they need to do from their end. 


Step 1 - Adding Role IDs

Add a User-Defined field to your system by following the instructions in this article. The user-defined field will need to be titled Role ID and added to all staff profiles. In the Related to field, StaffIn the Field Type field, select String.

Once you have added the User-defined field, go to each staff profile and add a unique number in the field that reflects the staff role. This list (Courtesy of School Comms) shows what number needs to be added onto each staff profile:

  • Teacher - 2
  • Support staff - 3
  • Governor - 4
  • School board member -5
  • Other - 6


Step 2 - Download the report

Download the Student report and save it on your pc. Remember where the file has been saved as you will need it in the next steps.


Step 3 - Import the report

Open your Arbor MIS and log in, Click on School > Custom Report Writer and the reports dashboard will load. 

Click on the green button 'Create New Report' and scroll and click on 'Import a report'.

Click on browse and locate the student file you previously saved on your computer and upload it.

Re-do the above steps for the Staff report.


Step 4 - Edit the report in Arbor

Once both files are uploaded on the Custom Report Writer, go back on the reports dashboard and open the School Comms - Staff report.

Click on the Edit button and the Setup page should load.



Please note: Do not edit any other aspects of these reports except in the ways detailed in this article to prevent duplicate entries. 

In the Report Columns section, click on the green (+) button and type Role ID. Make sure you add the Role ID that shows under USER-DEFINED FIELDS. 




Once the new column is added, the two reports are ready to download.



Step 5 - Download the reports and upload them to School Comms

You will need to open both reports and download them as CSV files.

As soon as both files are downloaded, open both reports, copy the fields of the Student report and paste them into the Staff report. This is so that all of the data is on one report.

Both headers should be removed.

Please note: Do not edit any other aspects of these reports except in the ways detailed in this article to prevent duplicate entries. 

Save the file as a CSV file on your desktop.

Log into your School Comms system and upload the file. Excel.gif

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