SWF Census - Staff Pay - Error 4540 and Queries 4545Q, 4470Q and 4570Q

Error 4540

If a staff member is not paid by a daily rate, then base pay must be provided.


To add the Base Pay to a staff member's profile, you add them to a pay scale or add an FTE salary.

Go to the staff member's Staff Profile and click Contracts from the left-hand side. 

Click the current contract, or click +Add to add a new contract. 



Select a Pay scale, Pay scale grade and Pay scale spinal point or add a Custom FTE salary amount, then click Save Changes.



Query 4545Q

Staff appears to be paid less than minimum wage for an apprenticeship, please check.


If this staff member is paid less than the minimum wage for thier apprenticeship role, you can submit the census with this query, but you will need to provide an explanation to COLLECT. 


If they are not paid less than the minimum wage for an apprenticeship role, you will need to go on their Staff Profile and update their salary information. Click Contracts from the left-hand side then click their current salary.



In the slide over, either select a Pay scale, Pay scale grade and Pay scale spinal point or add a Custom FTE salary amount for the correct pay, then click Save Changes.



Queries 4470Q and 4570Q

Query 4470 (4470Q: Qualified Status inconsistent with Pay Range type) appears when someone has been put on a teacher's Pay Scale, but has not been logged as being a qualified teacher.



For the example above, you can see that Jaqi is on the Teachers Upper Scale for pay scale.



This pay scale has the pay range of 'Teachers Upper', so the DfE expects any staff member on a pay scale with this pay range to have qualified teacher status.



If they are a qualified teacher

You'll need to add their qualified teacher status from School > Data > Data Quality Dashboard > Staff > Teacher Status. Click the staff member to add in their status and their route.



If they're not a qualified teacher

You have a few options:

  • add a note to COLLECT when submitting your census
  • move them onto a different pay scale with a different pay range (such as unqualified teachers) from the Contracts > Salary section of their staff profile (you will have needed to set up a separate pay scale)
  • remove them from the pay scale and add in their custom FTE salary instead


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