SWF Census - Roles - Error 4700 and query 4417Q

Error 4700

No role has been supplied.


After a contract is added to a staff members profile, you need to add their role information.

To add this just go to their Staff Profile and in the Business Roles section click +Add.



Choose a business role to give them and click Assign Business Role.



Queries 4417Q

Query 4417 (If role is HLTA then HLTA Status is expected to be true) appears when the staff member has been given the position of Higher Learning Teaching Assistant but haven't had their HLTA status set.



In this example, Bethany has the position of HLTA in the Contracts section of her profile.



If they are a qualified HLTA

You'll need to add their qualified HTLA status from School > Data > Data Quality Dashboard > Staff > Teacher Status



If they're not a qualified HLTA

You have a few options:

  • add a note to COLLECT when submitting your census
  • change their position on their contract to be a regular teaching assistant if they are not a HLTA


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