How pre-fill attendance marks work

If you want registers to be pre-filled with the right attendance code when a student is off school, you'll need to log a planned absenceWhen adding the planned absence, you can add a pre-fill mark.



This mark is what will appear in the register as the default mark for the student for the duration of the planned absence.



To make sure the absence appears in the register, please advise your teachers to only open the register when they are going to take attendance.

If they are in the opened register when a planned absence is logged, this may cause the pre-fill mark to not populate into the register. This can result in the wrong absence code being logged by the teacher.







If your school logs planned absences at the same time as registers are taken, we would advise to either tidy up any incorrect marks using the Bulk Edit Marks page, or to change your processes so you log planned absences before or after the registration period begins.

You're able to record planned absences after the morning registers because planned absences can be used to amend attendance marks. Any planned absences logged that cover past registers will change the marks to the planned absence Pre-fill mark.

For example, this afternoon I have logged a planned absence for Lisa and set it to begin this morning. The old mark for today's register has now changed to the pre-fill mark from the planned absence.



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