What are Applicant Buckets and Intake Groups?

Once the Intake Season is set up you will see that two new sections have been created called 'Applicant Buckets' and 'Intake Groups'.

Applicant Buckets 

Buckets help you manage the type of application as it comes in e.g, the local parish, siblings, etc. It will help you to sort students for the applications admission criteria and non-standard aptitude testing.

Or if you wanted to group together new students coming into the school and group current students at the school moving into Reception.

Intake Groups

‘Intake Groups’ are used for creating multiple intakes within an academic year e.g if you had an intake of nursery and reception students and wanted to split them up.

Groups may contain students based on the results of aptitude testing or other admissions criteria e.g chorister, music scholar or results of Cognitive Aptitude Tests.


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