Enrolling applicants

Students > All students > Applicants > Select your intake season > Applicants

Here you should see all of your applicants. 

If you don't see any applicants, you must first add them. Applicants can be added onto Arbor by adding applicant details manually or by uploading an ATF (Applicant Transfer File).


Enrolling Applicants 

Tick the applicants with a newly created status and click on the green pencil. There are several steps you need to take to enrol these students:



When you have ticked the students the pencil will turn blue and a list of possible actions will become available.

If you didn't fill in the year groups on the details when adding applicants you can enrol them in year groups, registration forms and houses in the same way. (You won't be able to enrol students into Year Groups and Registration forms until these have been set up for the next academic year - but dont worry, this won't stop you from enrolling students!)

Select Assign applicants to year group.

Repeat & select Assign applicants to registration form.


Repeat & select Accept offers.

Repeat & select Enrol students.


Your students will now be enrolled.  You can check the existing enrolments into year groups and registration forms within Students > Enrolment > Year Groups/Registration forms.


The table will then refresh showing the students status updated to Enrolled.


By enrolling an applicant they will only appear in registers and houses from the day you assigned as their starting date onwards. You set this when setting you set up your intake season, and this is usually the first day of the new academic year. Many schools prefer only to enrol students on the first day of the academic year when the students have come into school.


Enroling an applicant can also be done on an individual applicant's profile by clicking on the student from the Applicants page.


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